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Personality, People skills and Expert Vendors are what you can expect to find when you hire Celebrations by Di & Co professional wedding planners.  Finding the perfect location, planning décor and colors and flawless execution are all important, but you knew that. What is equally essential is personality, someone who while maintaining a professional attitude can blend in with your guests and make them feel welcome and attended to. People skills are important as well, managing vendors and acting as the go between with your facility while keeping everyone happy is crucial. Finally determining which vendors will be the best to achieve a wedding your guests will remember and talk about for years to come!

If you are planning a wedding, whether it is Home Plate at Angel Stadium or a Platinum Event at luxurious winery, Celebrations by Di & Co team of energetic and creative minded coordinators will assist you on your wedding adventure from start to finish.

Hiring a Wedding coordinator is the best decision you will make while planning your wedding (next to finding the perfect partner and saying yes of course!) Celebrations by Di & Co is a full service wedding planning organization. For us it is all about weddings, all about fun and all about you. My name is Diana Ross (yes you read that right!) and I have been specializing in wedding coordination in the Temecula Wine Country and San Diego and Orange County areas for over 15 years. I still cry every time a Bride walks down the aisle. That is passion for my business and the relationship that I build with each and every bride and groom I work with

It seems that I am forever repeating the Mantra, “It’s your day and you can do whatever you want”, when Couples ask me if it’s okay to do something out of the ordinary.

So my first piece of advice is that if it feels right to you it is okay. One way that Couples create an event that personally reflects them and leaves a lasting impression is to consider their backgrounds. Heritage, Nationality, Hobbies or how they met are all good places for a couple to start. Theme Weddings, when done correctly, can be the most fun and memorable, even color can be considered a theme. If you start early in your planning stages you can collect items that reflect the two of you without breaking the budget. These items can be incorporated on the guest tables as favors, or incorporated into the Buffet Line or around the room as decorations. Couples I have worked with have made personal CD’S of love songs (Musicians), collected old books as centerpieces (Professors) and one couple even used Mayan statues, Terra cotta pottery and Mexican Bromeliads with bright colors, to create their Spanish evening of Romance.

I have fashioned an Art Gallery Wedding Theme, used Springtime Maypoles and even re-created a Paris Café. Let your imagination soar!

Color, initially, is a theme to many couples.  The first and most romantic moment of drama comes when the bride walks down the aisle, but there is another moment of drama that usually comes when the guests enter the Reception.  Color plays a large role here, most likely the area in which the party is to be held will be decorative in itself, however the focal points for decorating are the Head table, the Buffet and the guest tables.  Keeping that in mind, the color you choose should make a statement about the two of you.  The beauty of color is that it is so versatile.  While some might consider bold dark colors to be exotic and daring others might consider it mysterious.  Pastels can be a sign of innocence and new beginnings and Neutrals speak softly of classic sophistication

Colors don’t need to be limited to the season, for example there seems to be a resurgence of Jewel tones on the scene year-round.Colors such as Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire create a stunning contrast to the White or Ivory gown, with Brides bringing these colors into the table settings and florals as well. 

For classic elegance Neutrals are holding fast.  Some couples for example are even requesting that their Guests attend dressed in only shades of these colors, for example all guests dress in shades of White.  Hues, such as Clay, Platinum, Mocha and Taupe are simple, understated and always-in-style.  And of course, every shade of Purple from deep African violet to the palest Lilac is still being featured time and again.  Whatever Color you choose it should be consistent but subtle throughout your entire event.

DO consider hiring a Day-of-Event Coordinator.  The benefits are enormous!

DO remember that rates and rate structures of Vendors vary dramatically.  It never hurts to ask “Is that price negotiable?”

DO set a budget for each service and when interviewing Vendors ask them if they can work within that budget.

DO be wary about accepting the well-meaning offer of friends and relatives to substitute as Vendors.  The dollars you save will end up costing you in quality and professionalism.

DON'T be afraid to pick up the phone to call Vendors and ask questions, especially to find out that you can afford to hire a Coordinator.  As professionals we understand that although we do this everyday, for you it’s “Once in a Lifetime”

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